Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note FE (7R/Refurbished) specs revealed at GFXBench

Samsung-Galaxy-J7-Max-Pros-and-Cons Samsung Galaxy Note FE (7R/Refurbished) specs revealed at GFXBench
Sherri Watson | 29 June, 2017, 09:02

And when the Galaxy Note 8 comes out, it will have almost faded away completely, save for the history books. Memory could reach up to 6GB RAM, the dual camera include a pair of 12MP sensors while the battery packs 3,300mAh with fast charging and wireless charging features.

Samsung recalled some three million devices from consumers before it killed off the product in October.

Another day, another leak about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is working on their dual camera setup along with the new Isocell lineup and in all likelihood, Samsung might also come up with mid-range smartphones sporting Dual-Camera modules.

Skepticism aside, and if the Galaxy Note 7 FE is a real device, it's unlikely that Samsung would allow the Galaxy Note 7 FE to contain the same issues as the original models, as the company's reputation would be at stake.

According to the render, the Note 8 display would offer 2K resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio.


That means Samsung has warehouse-loads of phones that work just fine. There has been speculation that Samsung might avoid the United States market altogether and instead focus on the new Note 8 which will feature a superior curved Super AMOLED display and S Pen stylus support.

The device is expected to have a screen size of at least 6.3 inches along with QHD 1440p resolution. In this case, those who are not in Korea will normally opt for the Note 8. The executive said, "Samsung has not found real value for it yet".

This update may not fix all of your Galaxy S8 lag concerns, but the fact that Samsung is directly addressing slowdowns in its app update shows it knows that it's happening.

Industry sources told Ice Universe that the fingerprint sensor under the Note 8 display was causing the circular area where it was placed to appear brighter than the rest of the display. This issue is also mentioned in the official changelog for the update, noting that it has fixed the underlying performance issues.

There's no word yet on pricing for the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.