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Kevin Duran't Doesn't Believe 'Superteam' Label Applies To Warriors

Kevin Duran't Doesn't Believe 'Superteam' Label Applies To Warriors Kevin Duran't Doesn't Believe 'Superteam' Label Applies To Warriors
Kristopher Love | 29 June, 2017, 08:59

Absolutely. With that said, Golden State's luxury tax bill could become rather insane in the near future and it would be in the best interest of the organization to lock up Iguodala for a potentially more lucrative deal on an annual basis while keeping the length of the contract to a two-to-three year number. A fabulous first one with and for Durant. It's easier said than done, obviously, but that's the goal. It's kind of unbelievable that we've managed to put a stigma on the concept of a super team that players are sensitive to as they continue to try and form super teams.

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35), guard Stephen Curry (30) celebrate with his caught Riley in game five of the 2017 NBA Finals at Oracle Arena.

"I'm just excited to do something special", Curry said during the presentation of the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy on Monday in Oakland after his team beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

"We make each other better and it's not about who gets the credit", Durant said.

Coach Steve Kerr cried.

The scary part for the NBA's 29 other teams? They were still a little rough around the edges at times.

Later, he was straightforward and serious: "We were heartbroken last year, but this year was our turn".

Regardless of how badly the Warriors wanted to redeem themselves, this Finals was most important for all-star Durant.

"Kevin's journey, our team embraced him".

But Steph Curry told reporters Wednesday that while the team will still decide as a group on what they plan to do, he hasn't changed his stance from what he would like that decision to be.

But, if the Cavs want to consistently win championships year in and year out, they need a versatile and more physical player. It's not about who scored what.

"The last couple of days I've thought about it [his future]". He won a championship, and then we were close and didn't win one. I'll have that mindset, KD's going to have that mindset, I know Dre, Shaun, all the guys that are up for negotiating a new contract.

Kawakami notes that Curry will receive the "super-max" extension from the Warriors worth five years and $205 million, as expected. When it was all said and done, the Dubs left no prisoners en route to a 16-1 postseason record and set the stage for many championships to come.

Despite this being Durant's time to shine, the rest of the team produced along side of him and aided in this 4-1 series win. I mean, mentioning Shaun Livingston when you're trying to debunk Golden State being a super team is really grasping at a super straw.