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State celebrates International Yoga Day

State celebrates International Yoga Day State celebrates International Yoga Day
Melinda Barton | 28 June, 2017, 03:40

Though India was trying hard to make yoga popular across the globe since 2011, we got success after the United Nations accepted Modiji's proposal in 2014 and declared 21 June as the World Yoga Day.

Yoga has also played a big role in bridging India with the world, he claimed.

The day was also observed at the Raj Bhawan, where state Governor P B Acharya in his message said, "Yoga provides physical and mental well being of the people".

The Prime Minister expressed his happiness over the increasing number of Yoga institutes being opened over the last three years and said that the demand for Yoga teachers is increasing.

In the presence of officials of Guinness World Record, Baba Ramdev conducted record breaking mega yoga performance at the GMDC ground. "Yoga is a medium to achieve wellness", Mr. Modi said in his brief address. "Today the world is practising yoga without any religious bias".

"Earlier, Yoga was only restricted to saints and seers in the Himalayan mountains". Fifty or sixty minutes should be enough to bring harmony to the body, mind and intellect. She said, "Yoga is not just restricted to different exercises. If 1.25 billion Indians and people across the world attain this state of well-being, humankind will be able to tide over problems borne out of human thoughts", he said.

"Yoga has revolutionised health management across the world by offering an opportunity to bring the mind in equilibrium with the body besides helping to harness an individual's inner strengths", he added.

Speaking at the venue ahead of Prime Minister Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath thanked volunteers for waiting patiently despite rainfall.

Despite heavy rains the mass yoga sessions organised by AYUSH department witnessed tremendous participation from yoga practitioners, youth, students and elderly.

Hundreds of yoga enthusiasts stretched, pulled and lunged on coloured mats in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv yesterday to celebrate International Yoga Day.