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Snapchat's Snap Map has critics anxious about user safety

Snapchat's Snap Map has critics anxious about user safety Snapchat's Snap Map has critics anxious about user safety
Sherri Watson | 27 June, 2017, 09:11

Additionally, it will potentially be easy to simply forget to turn on the Ghost mode option.

Users can turn off location settings so nobody can track you through what the app calls "ghost mode". We're also trying to educate people to this too so that their child doesn't become a victim because it's always that thing where we hear, "I never thought that this could happen.' Well it can", said Wilson.

It's a way to share pictures and videos - and now, your location. That's why he advises people to just be careful about who they share information with.

Snapchat has come out with a feature that could be sharing your location, without your permission.

While the new update will take some getting used to, avid users said they won't delete the app anytime soon. With location-sharing active, they can immediately find out where you are and what are you doing.

The school has spoken to pupils and advised them on how to not share their location on the app. Nowadays, many apps have it incorporated within them.

The minimum age for using Snapchat is 13. You can't use the filters unless you are sharing your location.

A new social media feature will make parents want to check their child's Snapchat account. But parents might want to talk to young teenagers about the latest update, as another 23 percent of Snapchat users are younger than 18.

Experts recommend that parents stay aware of updates to social media apps like Snapchat.

We've built a whole new way to explore the world! "Parents need to be alert to the potential dangers involved as it continually develops and to know how to keep on ensuring that your children are safe online".

Others think it's a safety concern, and will make sure their kids don't use the feature. The company also pointed out that users are able to limit the new feature so only friends know their location.

Finally, you're shown a map of Europe, which not only highlights where there are exciting events going on right now, but the exact location of you Snapchat friends.