Thursday, 15 November, 2018

Of Course Facebook is Adding Effects to Video Chatting in Messenger

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Sherri Watson | 27 June, 2017, 08:12

When you're video chatting with a friend in Messenger, you can now slap on a live-updating filter or mask.

Facebook widened its video chat feature to support group video meetings in December. Additionally, there are a lot more masks in Messenger now, with various effects.

If you like that, you'll also appreciate the new animated reactions, filters, masks, and effects you can add to your video conversations.

Animated reactions are just that - you choose one of Facebook's well-known reactions (love, "haha", "wow", sad, and angry) and that state of mind will then animate on screen, and differently depending on whether your face is seen or not.

Ms Micheva added: 'Red not your color?

Along with these, the update also makes it easier for users to take screenshots of their video chats by adding a dedicated button, saving users from pressing a combination of physical buttons for this goal. You can also now utilise emoji in your video chats, letting you throw in a few emoji to clearly show your feelings with a bit of fun. Facebook notes that while reactions are fleeting, masks and effects remain on screen for the whole duration of the group video chat or until you remove them.

The final new feature is the ability to easily capture and share pictures during video chats. The photos are sent to your phone's camera roll, and from there they can be sent to friends, family, or posted on other social media sites. But with all the brought-to-life emoji action here on Messenger, why would you ever want to, fool?