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Nintendo announces Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System, launching September 29th

Super Nintendo gets the miniature console treatment Nintendo via CNN Mini Super Nintendo
Theresa Hayes | 27 June, 2017, 08:12

Each SNES Classic comes equipped with some of the greatest games to ever hit store shelves, including Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting. And no retailers have yet announced it they will accept pre-orders.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is back, in a very small way.

The SNES Classic is priced at $79.99, which is $20 higher than the MSRP for the NES Classic, however, the former comes with two controllers instead of one.

Sega, whose Megadrive console competed fiercely with the SNES in the Nineties, recently said it would re-release a huge library of games as part of a Netflix-style scheme.

Intriguingly, Nintendo is also throwing in Star Fox 2, which was never released commercially on the Super Nintendo.

Work first began on Star Fox 2 at both Nintendo and United Kingdom -based Argonaut Software not long after its SNES predecessor, which launched in 1993. With a HDMI cable included, you can enjoy these classic titles in HD. This is a bit steeper than the Nintendo Classic Mini NES which originally cost $99 in Australia. Nintendo plans to make more consoles than the NES Classic, however come the end of this year, they will no longer be shipped. In-fact, it was done so far in advance that Nintendo could have apparently released the game more than 18 months before the Nintendo 64 released.

Nintendo announced today that it will launched a mini-SNES classic system on September 29.

The only inevitable shame with the SNES Classic Mini is the games that are missing from it.

"I just hope I can get my hands on one", Brown said.

More information has emerged about the SNES Classic.

Gamers everywhere, rejoice: Nintendo is releasing a version of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System this year. Nintendo will be releasing a new console labeled Super Nintendo HD Classic Edition.

Will the Nintendo SNES Classic only be available for a limited time?

According to the statement they are focused on other things, like games for Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

The games company announced the NES Classic at about this time past year, before failing to manufacture a fraction of the number of units that were necessary, leading to many avid fans missing out on the must-have holiday gift of 2016.