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Gov. Scott names next state Chief Financial Officer

Gov. Scott names next state Chief Financial Officer Gov. Scott names next state Chief Financial Officer
Alfredo Watts | 27 June, 2017, 10:06

Gov. Rick Scott named former Republican House Rep. Jimmy Patronis Florida's next CFO on Monday. Patronis, a Panama City businessman, will be sowrn in on June 30.

Patronis has been a loyal supporter of the governor.

An early backer of the governor, who was then a political nobody, Patronis quickly became a close Scott ally throughout the years. The Patronis family owns the restaurant Captain Anderson's in Panama City, and Patronis previously servived four terms in the state House, beginning in 2006. Scott later appointed him to the Public Service Commission.

Patronis served in the Legislature before Scott appointed him to the Public Service Commission in 2014, and past year, to the Constitution Revision Commission. "The role is to be a full-time officer of the state of Florida", Patronis said.

"I'm in this race in order to grow high-paying jobs by transforming and modernizing our state's economy." said Ring My goal is simple: I want to bring Silicon Valley to Florida.

Petronis replaces Jeff Atwater, who is resigning to take a top post at Florida Atlantic University. "I am confident that he will add to our mission to cut even more taxes and create even more jobs". "I will miss working with Jeff, and I wish him the best as he continues to work to benefit Floridians". It's rare for a sitting governor to have a chance to appoint someone to one of Florida's three elected Cabinet positions. The position serves as the state's treasurer and oversees various agencies that serve to regulate insurance and financial industries in Florida.

Patronis is expected to swear in on Friday, Atwater's last day. It's unclear whether he'll run for a full term in 2018.