Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

The Charleena Lyles Shooting: A Different Kind Of Reform

Sherri Watson | 25 June, 2017, 02:35

Seattle police Officer Jason Anderson told investigators Charleena Lyles suddenly pulled a knife out of her pocket and was "coming right at my stomach" during a burglary call Sunday that led to the fatal shooting of the 30-year-old mother of four in her apartment, according to statements released Friday evening.

On a weekday afternoon in March, Seattle police officers fenced off a city block as they tried to persuade a suicidal man in the middle of a downtown street to drop a knife. Police officials also noted that neither officer was carrying a Taser, although both were carrying less-than-lethal weapons and had gone through de-escalation training.

Family members, who previously expressed concerns about her mental health after Lyles threatened officers with long metal shears less than two weeks before the shooting, question why the officers didn't use nonlethal methods to subdue the petite woman and have suggested race played a role.

Seattle police released the 911 call, additional surveillance video and details of the Charleena Lyles shooting on Thursday, less than a week after officers opened fire on the pregnant mother with her children present in her Seattle apartment.

"She hit the floor", McNew said.

Neither officer had a stun gun, but they did have other options, either a baton or pepper spray. There are sounds of rapid movement, the woman yelling "Get ready, (expletive)!" and the police repeatedly warning her to get back before five shots are fired.

"Her whole life was her kids", said her father, Charles Lyles, who owns an income-tax preparation business and lives in Lancaster, California. "And that's why we have to say, once again, murder is murder is murder is murder".

A previous version of this story incorrectly said no one had left or entered the apartment in the hours before the shooting. "We'll conduct this investigation thoroughly".

"She was so happy to get her own home", he said.

Lyles' family says the she was suffering from mental illness.