Sunday, 17 December, 2017

Boeing launches new jet with flurry of orders

Nellie Chapman | 20 June, 2017, 02:08

The airplane is expected to directly compete with Airbus' new A321neo, or new engine option.

But airlines wanted more seats on the jet and Boeing went back to the drawing board for a new model.

Indonesia's Lion Air Group has committed to 50 Boeing 737 Max 10s. In one-class configuration, the Boeing 737 MAX 10 carries 230 passengers. Canterbury said the pilots will "start flying as soon as they can".

"Many airports are running out of capacity and for those airports this is a flawless aircraft", said Ajay Singh, the chairman of low-priced Indian airline SpiceJet, as his company signed a provisional deal to buy 40 MAX 10s.

The Boeing 737 MAX 7 fuselage was already changed previous year, closing the gap with the Boeing 737 MAX 7 and moving away from seat capacities at which Boeing can no longer compete on efficiency.

Macron, who wants France to become more tech-savvy and comes off a big electoral win, tried on a virtual reality headset, and checked out Airbus satellites, a drone created to inspect planes and a turbo-generator for hybrid-energy jets.

Airbus chief Fabrice Bregier said today that the company was in talks with several potential customers for the upgraded plane.

Airbus, which moved first to update its aircrafts used in most midrange flights, now has a 60 percent market share.

SpiceJet is scheduled to take the delivery of its first 737 MAX in 2018. Boeing said demand for single-aisle planes as well as wide-bodies remains buoyant despite concerns about economic and political turbulence in the Middle East and low fuel prices serving as disincentive to invest in more efficient aircraft. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA CEO Bjorn Kjos wasn't convinced the plane's range is compatible with the discount carrier's strategy of plying the North Atlantic with single-aisle aircraft.

Kevin McAllister, head of Boeing Commercial planes, told reporters Sunday that there is a gap in the middle of the market, but that the company's focus is on putting together a business plan and taking its time "to do it right".

Leverkuhn said the MAX 10 now completes the MAX family and offers airlines great flexibility.

"We think the 737 MAX 10 is a competitor to the 9, and that's why a lot of people are converting", Reuters quoted Airbus sales chief John Leahy as saying.

"I can understand how our competition is upset", said Randy Tinseth, a Boeing marketing vice president.