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WWDC: Apple Unveils WatchOS4, Features Siri Integration and New UI

Stacy Diaz | 08 June, 2017, 00:15

watchOS 4 will roll out to all Apple Watch owners in the second half of 2017. How useful this feature will be in watchOS 4 will probably depend on the age of the equipment at your local gym. Apple is showing this off as a quick-access tool for appointments, Wallet tickets and more.

WatchOS 4: What is WatchOS?

The company also announced improvements how the Apple Watch handles, with an improved Music app. Apple also promised some upcoming features like flashlight in the control centre which can be used as a blinking safety light during required time.

WatchOS 4: When will it be available?

Will Apple watchOS 4 tempt you into an Apple Watch purchase this year? So we can't for one moment believe that Apple would include such draining features without countering them in the next version of its smartwatch, or at least putting in limitations to reduce their overall impact on the system.

Like all of Apple's software updates, WatchOS 4 will be available for free. When users get paid, they receive the money in their new Apple Pay Cash™ account and can use it instantly to send to someone, make purchases using Apple Pay in stores and apps, or transfer it to their bank account. It will also now tell you how much more work you need to do in order to complete a ring - e.g. It will sport a trippy animation that changes over the day, and when users rotate digital crown.

Kaleidoscope face needs a picture from you and then it does а magical mashup and creates a kaleidoscope effect on your Apple Watch. In fact, we think it's nearly clear as day that Monday's announcement shows how the Apple Watch Series 3 may take shape thanks to tweaks in the OS. They're animated just like the current Mickey and Minnie faces. With each raise of the wrist, the information on the display dynamically updates based on the time of day, daily routines and pertinent data from apps such as Activity, Alarms, Breathe, Calendar, Maps, Reminders and Wallet, as well as headlines from the new Apple News™ app for Apple Watch. The app also introduces personalised Monthly Challenges tailored to the user. Music also has a new look. So it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the next Apple Watch could have it too.

Not being able to jump into the water was one of the biggest annoyances about the original Apple Watch.