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Accuser's mother bolsters story Cosby drugged, assaulted her

Stacy Diaz | 07 June, 2017, 05:05

Mason, trained as a sexual assault response officer, said he got the impression Constand couldn't remember some details because of the effects of the pills. When she took them, Mason testified, "She said they made her incapacitated; her legs felt like jelly". Constand is claiming that Cosby molested her in 2004 at her home after drugging her.

The case was eventually forwarded to investigators there, but Cosby wasn't charged until a new prosecutor reopened the case in 2015.

Cosby says he gave Constand Benadryl to relieve stress, insisting their sexual relations were consensual and accusing her of lying.

Cosby smiled but said nothing when someone asked how he was feeling.

Under a settlement Constand and Cosby reached in 2006, Constand was prohibited from speaking publicly about her accusation.

Dozens of women say Mr Cosby assaulted them, but statutes of limitation rules mean he is on trial for only one allegation. Prosecutors opened their case on Monday by calling another woman, Kelly Johnson, to the stand to show that the TV star made a habit of giving women pills to knock them out and then molesting them.

A worker's compensation lawyer says he was taken aback by a woman's 1996 deposition testimony that she'd been drugged and violated by Bill Cosby at a Los Angeles hotel bungalow.

Johnson said Cosby pressured her to take a large white pill that knocked her out. Johnson said she later awoke in bed, mostly undressed while Cosby was abusing her.

But Mr Miller's timeline differed from Ms Johnson's.

The defense pointed out there were 72 phone calls between Constand and Cosy after the alleged incident, along with inconsistencies between her testimony and her original statements to investigators.

Cosby grinned and tapped his cane at the defense table as McMonagle confronted her with the discrepancies. In a commentary headlined, "Why I wish "Rudy" had skipped Cosby's trial, " Gray wrote that Pulliam's "presence, nearly certainly part of a well-planned public relations campaign on the part of the defense, also encourages us to conflate Cosby and Cliff, and what's good for one isn't so good for the other".

Cosby is alleged to have given Constand three unmarked blue pills.

"It was the first time he put his hand on my thigh, it was the first time he touched me", she added, her strong voice wavering slightly at the word "touching".

She said she was just finishing up dinner his personal chef had cooked her when Cosby came downstairs to chat with her about Temple.

Sewell said they didn't go to police at the time because her husband, a Los Angeles detective, feared the ordeal that would ensue.

"We ended up settling the case for a lump sum of money (about $10,000), that was to be paid to Ms. Johnson by the William Morris agency", Miller said. "She would go to work and come home, with no social life. Her self-esteem was very damaged".

"Good for her. You don't stop loving a person because they did wrong; she's not concerned about what the majority feels".

Mr Cosby's wife of 53 years was not seen with him as he entered the court in Norristown, near Philadelphia, on Monday. His attorney, Brian McMonagle, denied these claims from the start. Johnson and Constand are two of over sixty women who have accused Cosby of similar crimes.

Under questioning, Sewell said that her daughter called her in 1996 in hysterics, afraid she was about to lose her job as an assistant to one of the top agents at the William Morris Agency.

It wasn't immediately clear how soon she would take the stand. She is expected to testify later this week.

As Mr Cosby sat a few feet away, the prosecutor urged jurors to look beyond his father role on the hit 1984-1992 television sitcom The Cosby Show. Johnson told the courtroom she still doesn't remember anything else that happened that night, including how she got home.

Depositions regarding the 2004 incident were unsealed in 2015, which prompted more accusers to step forward.

Afterwards, she said, "I felt really humiliated and I felt really confused".

Cosby's lawyers tried to poke holes in Constand's story, citing differences between her courtroom testimony Tuesday and the accounts she gave to police and in a civil deposition in 2005.

Miller was the second witness called to help bolster Johnson's testimony Monday.