Sunday, 17 February, 2019

'Extremely hangry' woman fights McDonald's employee

A huge brawl began after a customer said her Mc Chicken was taking too long. Amanda Gravely was sitting in the drive thru getting ice cream for her kids when the fight broke out and recorded it on her cellphone 'Extremely hangry' woman fights McDonald's employee
Theresa Hayes | 06 June, 2017, 03:35

Cell phone video shows a customer getting into a fight with an employee.

A woman gave new meaning to the word "hangry" Saturday as she fought with McDonald's employees over the delivery of a meal at a Des Moines restaurant.

A vicious Iowa fast food fight, during which an irate customer launched herself over a McDonald's counter to attack staff, was started over a chicken burger.

"I heard screaming and ranting from this lady, so I was going to record her to show how insane people get at fast food", she told The Star on Monday "Then it just escalated a lot quicker than I expected".

Police are still working to identify the customer in the video.

The conflict gets out of control after the restaurant employee hands the customer her sandwich, and she throws the McChicken right back in her face. The customer then climbs over the counter and proceeds to hit the employee.

'Grab her hair, ' one of the men with the woman yelled, as his friend scuffled with a McDonald's employee behind the counter. Two men accompanying the customer even encourage her to pull the manager's hair, and later they hold employees back as the customer pulls the manager's hair and knees her in the chest.

The blond woman is pulled over the counter, knocking over bottles. Police say they're still searching for the woman.

When they're pulled apart, the woman and two men leave the restaurant.

"We noticed it was really short-handed", Gravely said Sunday night. The trio drove off in a blue Ford and have not been arrested.