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Hollywood stars at Chris Cornell funeral

Stacy Diaz | 04 June, 2017, 05:09

A small group of fans gathered outside the cemetery gates during the service, with Soundgarden music playing from a stack of speakers.

On Friday, a cloudy sky that evoked the Seattle music scene Cornell helped shape in the 1990s blanketed the Hollywood cemetery where the two-time Grammy victor will be buried.

The private memorial opened with Cornell's song "The Promise", while fans waiting outside for their chance to later pay their final respects to the Seattle icon listened to music from his band Soundgarden, the AP added.

Rows of white chairs and floral arrangements were set out under overcast sky.

Cornell had spoken openly of his drug and alcohol addiction in the past, as well as periods of depression and agoraphobia.

One of these fans was a woman named Melody Andrade, who brought her 4-year-old son, Jude, with her. "I'd say it's equal to Elvis passing or John Lennon".

"... I think that I always struggled with depression and isolation, so those could come out", Cornell said in the interview. "There will never be another". He's a modern day Freddie Mercury. "You need to tell me now what you took".

Streams of black cars arrived at the cemetery, which is the resting place for other rock stars including Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone.

Cornell, the Audioslave and Soundgarden singer, was found dead in a hotel bathroom in Detroit on 18 May just hours after a Soundgarden concert in the city. Coroner's officials said preliminary autopsy results show the singer hanged himself, but full toxicology results remain pending.

The attorney said Cornell was a recovering addict and had a prescription for Ativan, but he may have taken too much of the medication.

Laffitte explained how he spoke to Chris every single day and that on the afternoon of his death, they were talking about upcoming plans for a performance at the 2017 Global Citizens Music Festival in NY in September.

Musician Chris Cornell, '90s grunge pioneer and frontman for bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, passed away this month, and information about his death has slowly been pouring in. He's survived by his widow, Vicky, and three children.

The report cited Cornell's wife, Vicky Karayiannis, who claims Chris was slurring his words and complaining quite vocally about how Soundgarden's Detroit show turned out.

"We had the time of our lives in the last decade and I'm sorry, my sweet love, that I did not see what happened to you that night".

Vicky replied, "I need to know what you took".