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Duct tape used to restrain man on Hawaii flight

Duct tape used to restrain man on Hawaii flight Duct tape used to restrain man on Hawaii flight
Alfredo Watts | 04 June, 2017, 03:51

Uskanil was subdued for the rest of the flight and arrested in Honolulu when the plane landed with a military escort.

Investigators are still trying to determine the motive behind the disturbance.

The passenger drew the attention of authorities at Los Angeles International Airport before the flight left because he appeared to be intoxicated, the official said. "Flight attendant blocked aisle, man taken down", Schwartz wrote.

"You're not coming in here", the crew member said, according to Lee and Penny Lorenzen of California.

"My husband hands him the laptop and says, "this was in our seat" and he had an odd look on his face, shook his head", said Basden.

A USA passenger flight had to be escorted by two fighter planes when a Turkish man was handcuffed to his seat after trying to sit in first class. When flight attendants stopped him, he kicked a service cart.

She recalled the crew member saying, "I need help, I need help, I need to get this guy back to his seat". About four Federal Bureau of Investigation agents got in and arrested the man who tried to get into the cockpit, "he said".

Among the first to board were first class passengers Mark and Donna Basden, who found a laptop computer in a seat pocket in front of them. There were pillows and blankets.

They claimed that he was trying to sit in first class when cabin crew approached him, a suggestion that was denied by officials. The sheriffs along with other law enforcement agencies responded to the scene as is normal procedure.

Law enforcement officers were requested to meet a plane that landed Friday in Honolulu because of a passenger disturbance.

American Airlines characterizes it as a "disturbance".

One passenger recorded Uskanil being led off the plane in handcuffs. The DHS is continuing to monitor all flights "out of an abundance of caution", it said.

LAX Police determined Uskanil was intoxicated, charged him with misdemeanor trespassing, and released him. The man attempted to use a door off-limits to the public after 3 a.m. PT (6 a.m. ET) while waiting for his flight.

Because the LAX incident occurred at about 2:45 a.m.

Airport police spokesman Rob Pedregon said Saturday that Anil Uskanli opened the door and walked up to a contractor early Friday to ask where he could get some food.

A passenger on the flight posted an Instagram video of the arrest.

Flight 31 was able to land safely at Honolulu International Airport following its takeoff from the Los Angeles International Airport, American Airlines told CNBC.

Uskanil was detained on an American Airlines flight after landing in Honolulu, Hawaii.