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3 men killed in mill explosion identified

3 men killed in mill explosion identified 3 men killed in mill explosion identified
Alfredo Watts | 03 June, 2017, 01:45

Recovery crews have been sifting through a mountain of debris.

OSHA, the state fire marshal and the state Department of Justice are all investigating the explosion, Clark said.

An explosion at the Didion Milling Plant in rural Cambria late Wednesday night killed one person and injured a dozen more.

Richards confirmed that 16 workers were inside the plant when the blast took place. His niece, 33-year-old Sarah Goodenow, says she had an anxiety attack when she heard he had died. "Your heart just goes out to all these family members that are affected", Barbara Behling, chief communications officer, American Red Cross said. She remembers him playing catch with her when she was a young girl and how he loved to color and draw with her own children. She says she's devastated.

Firefighters and investigators will be back at a corn mill in southern Wisconsin Friday to look for the cause of a deadly explosion.

Details on the explosion have steadily been released by officials on Thursday.

Pawel Tordoff, who operated a packing machine, was found Friday morning with the help of police dogs, company officials said. About a dozen others have been injured. "The fire was still active, firefighters were trying to get inside and get to the people that needed their assistance".

Emergency workers hosing down part of the Didion Milling Plant. Keeping facilities clean of dust and equipment in good working order to reduce the possibility of igniting the dust are key to preventing explosions, the report said. Another body was recovered Thursday.

The addition of an adjacent ethanol facility led to a fight between the village board and Didion in 2006 over environmental and safety concerns.

A southern Wisconsin school district that shut down after a nearby corn mill exploded plans to resume classes on Friday.

The sheriff of Columbia County says there was an explosion late Wednesday night at an ethanol plant in Cambria, the Didion Milling plant on Highway 146. Two people walked away from the plant without injuries. Cambria Village President Glen Williams said the fire was contained by early Thursday and there were no evacuations in the area. Almost a dozen other employees were taken to area hospitals. None of the victims has been identified. Authorities say northbound traffic should take Highway 16 to USA 151 to Highway 73. Two workers are missing.

Old Mill Foundation has set up a fund specifically for this goal at the National Exchange Bank of Cambria. But the company was reprimanded in 2011 for failing to have an adequate dust explosion protection system.

The cause of the explosion has yet to be determined, and an investigation is already underway.

The plant employs quite a few people from town and the surrounding area.