Saturday, 22 September, 2018

Microsoft will give bonuses to the users Bing

Microsoft подарит бонусы пользователям Bing The company intends to increase the interest of users to its own search engine
Theresa Hayes | 02 June, 2017, 01:52

The program rewards users for making searches with Bing, with extras thrown in if these searches are conducted in Microsoft Edge. The Microsoft rewards program works on a simple mechanism; the more searches you do via Bing, the more points you will collect. People with a Microsoft account can sign-up for the rewards scheme and when a search is made on Bing, points will be collected.

When you start off, Bing users will get three points for each search - and this is doubled until August 15 if you are using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft also gives one point for every pound spent in the Microsoft Store in the UK.

Well, you can enter competitions to win prizes (including an Xbox One S and other Microsoft hardware) but there are other options that guarantee you an actual reward, rather than merely the chance of one.

It allows users to earn points for online purchases or by simply searching the web. If a user accumulates 500 points in a month he or she moves to the next level.

Kevin Stagg, head of consumer marketing at Microsoft, spoke to Wired about the incentive programme.

Or, if you're willing to save up for a while, you could exchange 9500 points for a month's access to Groove Music Pass - Microsoft's Spotify alternative.

And the Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store is now selling for £79.99.

Microsoft Rewards was previously called Bing Rewards and was previously only open to USA users.

While there is a limit, there are also a few ways you can maximize the points you get and earn stuff more quickly.

Recent statistics have shown how much of a stranglehold Google has on the search market.

Microsoft faces an uphill challenge to dethrone Google however, with the most recent statistics showing that Google's market penetration has reached 85.74% - far in excess of Bing at just 10.07% and Yahoo which languishes on just 3.16%.