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Donald Trump condemns killing of pair who tried to stop racist rant

Donald Trump condemns killing of pair who tried to stop racist rant Donald Trump condemns killing of pair who tried to stop racist rant
Alfredo Watts | 02 June, 2017, 01:42

That city is debating how to respond to brutal killings on a light rail train last week. When they didn't do that, I then called on the federal government in the interest of public safety to withdraw the permit.

He is scheduled to be back in court June 7.

The suspect has since been identified as 35-year-old Jeremy Christian.

Court documents describe a chaotic scene on the train from the moment Christian boarded. Witnesses said the men intervened when the suspect, Jeremy Christian, was harassing a young Muslim woman in a hijab and her friend. At one point, he threatens to stab the driver of the train Thursday, according to video from a passenger posted by TV station KOIN.

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, 23, and Ricky John Best, 53, were killed as they tried to stop the harassment. "We didn't want him with us", Gibson said. "And I thought it was centimeters - but apparently it was millimeters - away from my carotid artery", he said. Just before the arraignment started, the surviving victim, Micah Fletcher, was escorted into the courtroom surrounded by his family. He was only recently released from the hospital.

Two other men who tried to help died after they also were stabbed.

In the probable cause affidavit, prosecutors said video feeds in the back of a patrol auto captured Christian saying after his arrest that he had stabbed three people in the neck.

The mother of one of the targets of the rant said she was overwhelmed with gratitude and sadness for the strangers who died defending her daughter, 16-year-old Destinee Mangum.

The ACLU of OR, in a tweet on Monday, said: "The government can not revoke OR deny a permit based on the viewpoint of the demonstrators". Currently, more than 70 percent of Portland is non-Hispanic white and only about 6 percent of the city's population is black, according to the most recent U.S. Census data. He said one of the men on the train kept resisting him, despite his threats.

As a memorial to Friday's stabbing victims grew, one large chalk message stood out, streaked by rain under a gray sky: "Remember Mulugeta Seraw". In December, prosecutors charged a man with a hate crime after police said he chased down and killed a black teenager with his vehicle in the suburb of Gresham.

He flat out said in his comments that the city would refuse to grant rally permits to alt-right groups based on their views. Local GOP leaders denied the charges. The conservative organization is fond of calling itself the "NRA of national security" and pushes issues like border security and increased domestic oil production.

"I can not ensure that some insane person is going to show up and make a terrible decision". In a post on the Portland March Against Sharia Facebook event page, organizer Scott Ryan Presler said he has chose to cancel the Portland event after what he said was a "blatant attempt to suppress freedom of discourse" by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. The group organizing the rally already has a permit for the event, but it's no longer looking like a sure thing.

In a previous statement, Fletcher told the city of Portland's Muslim community that they "are loved".

A Facebook page for the event says the rally will feature live music and "speakers exercising their free speech". Since President Trump's election in November, the city has been beset by violence at political rallies from groups on the left and the right. "I'm going to do my best to keep the peace here". "I can't control everybody".

Christian had appeared at an April 29th rally with a baseball bat and was shouting slurs and giving the Nazi salute, Gibson explained to CNN.