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Battle! Nintendo Fights Apple Over Production Lines to Increase Production

Nintendo Battle! Nintendo Fights Apple Over Production Lines to Increase Production
Theresa Hayes | 02 June, 2017, 02:14

The need for electronic components has Nintendo, Samsung, and Samsung fighting for supplies to meet their manufacturer. The popularity of its latest flagship game system has created demand that left retailers without inventory ever since its release two months ago.

The design changes for the Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch bundle don't alter the colors of the dock, console or Joy Cons but they do give Monster Hunter fans something to brag to their friends about.

According to allegations made by the development studio of Beenox, who previously was in charge of porting the shooter series on other platforms, the arrival of Call of Duty: WWII on Nintendo Switch is however not to be excluded. It's been very hard to find Nintendo's latest console in stores before they sell out, The Verge reported.

This apparently is due in part to the power that Apple has in the supply chain, since the Cupertino-based company is a massive customer. But Apple has a much bigger bankroll than Nintendo, and it is very apparent. An image of the backside of the Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch shows a ribbon on top and a round Monster hunter xx logo.

The Switch shortages reportedly stem from low supplies of important components like LCD display panels and memory chips - parts that Apple is gobbling up for its own products, industry sources told The Wall Street Journal. The tech company also projected that the current shortage might continue for the rest of the year, which leaves Nintendo, Samsung, and Apple to compete for these parts fiercely.

The good news for owners of Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo 3DS is that this and the Switch version of the game will be able to swap save data as well as allowing players to play alongside each other online.