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Reps to Cause Review of Minimum Wage Every 5 Years

Nellie Chapman | 01 June, 2017, 01:43

"It's a pretty good day for workers across Ontario, and I'm particularly thankful for all the hard work our team has accomplished in the 2 years since we started educating, organizing, and mobilizing for labour reform", says Henri Giroux, North Bay and District labour Council in a release.

Some states tie their minimum wage to inflation, resulting in the annual - or occasional - news headlines that read something like, "These States and Cities Are Raising Their Minimum Wage".

The increase would be phased in, starting with $9 an hour in January and hitting $15 by 2022.

Half of the workers in Ontario who earn less than $15 per hour are between the ages of 25 and 64, and the majority are women. And let's make sure, as we engage in upcoming pushes for state and local minimum wage increases, that we reject the trickle-down fallacy that our economy can't handle one fair wage.

Other changes include: minimum three weeks vacation for anyone who's been with the same employer for five years; 10 personal emergency days for all workers, including two that are paid; and equal pay for part-time employees doing the same work as full-timers.

Specifically, Hon Okechukwu said that, the review of the National Minimum wage would ensure that, government relation with the workers is enhanced, stressing that, acceptance of this bill would introduce sanity and orderliness into government business. I would ask all of you to strongly consider raising the wage today and fighting for people to make a decent wage.If you flip a burger, you should make a decent wage. But like the other sub-minimum wages, it would gradually phase out under the Raise the Wage Act of 2017.

His concerns have been echoed by groups such as the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Ontario is committed to moving forward in a balanced way.

"We are pleased with the announcement of an 18 month transition to a $15 minimum wage, because precarious, part-time, and low-wage earners are working on the edge", says Giroux.

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Progressive Conservative MPP Bill Walker said he is also concerned about the impact of the increases on small, perhaps family-run, businesses, of which he said there are plenty in Grey-Bruce.

Flynn said, however, that there's a body of evidence that shows a higher minimum wage can benefit local economies and lead to job growth. "This is money that gets spent and invested right back in the community".

The higher minimum wage could be a challenge for some small businesses, she said, but shouldn't hurt larger companies.