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Husband of Mary Kay Letourneau files for separation

Mary kay letourneau vili fualaau divorce Husband of Mary Kay Letourneau files for separation
Nellie Chapman | 31 May, 2017, 05:32

The couple has two children together.

Be that as it may, a supposed source attached to the couple tells People that the love has officially died between the pair.

Vili Fualaau who married his former sixth-grade teacher, LeTourneau, after she was jailed for raping him has filed for legal separation from her. King County court records show 33-year-old Fualaau asked the court for a legal separation from 55-year-old Letourneau on May 9, 2017.

Following word of their illicit courtship being leaked out by a friend of Mary Kay's husband, Steve Letourneau, in 1997, the 34-year-old was arrested on second-degree rape charges and ordered by a judge to refrain from contacting Vili, who by then, had impregnated Letourneau with their first child together, a girl (Mary Kay had four previous children from her marriage to Steve).

The controversial couple made national headlines when they got married in 2005, after Letourneau completed a seven-and-a-half year prison sentence for meeting up with Fualaau, which violated the parole agreement stemming from her initial six-month conviction and being barred for life from seeing Fualaau. "They're still committed to being good parents to their children".

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In 2015, the two celebrated their 10-year-anniversary, introducing their teenage daughters, Audrey and Georgia, on "20/20" with Barbara Walters.

They sat down with PEOPLE for an extensive interview in 2006. She was 43 and Fualaau was 22. And I thought that it would and it didn't. "I can never see more than the question".

In 2015, Letourneau said she hoped to get back into teaching and was working as a legal assistant while she tried to clear her name from the sex offender registry.

"The incident was a late night that it didn't stop with a kiss", she told Walters.

Letourneau and Fualaau were married in Woodinville on May 20, 2005. "I don't support it".