Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

"Fearless Girl" joined by "Peeing Pug" statue on Memorial Day

The Mark Lennihan Associated Press The"Fearless Girl statue faced Wall Street's charging bull statue in New York in March
Theresa Hayes | 31 May, 2017, 04:12

New York-based artist Alex Gardega is one of them, and he is so upset by Fearless Girl that he created his own piece of art in protest: a sculpture of a tiny dog in urinating position positioned right next to the ponytailed hero.

The newest statue - which has been dubbed "The Pissing Pug" and "The Sketchy Dog" - was only in place for about three hours, according to NBC New York.

People are still deeply unhappy about "Fearless Girl", the sculpture that was installed near Wall Street to promote women in leadership and stare down "Charging Bull".

The roughly-hewn pug, made partially out of papier mache, was relieving himself at Fearless Girl's feet.

The artist even intimated that he made the dog especially sloppily just to stick it to the defiant girl.

"It's a promotion for an index fund", Gardega said.

Wall Street was dominated for years by a statue of a raging bull as aggressively masculine as the male-dominated culture surrounding it.

But the Fearless Girl statue is not without controversy, and from the minute she went up, she's inspired a rash of detractors and critics.

"Most people were amused or perplexed by it", Gardega told NBC News. He told the newspaper his sculpture intentionally doesn't look like a dog to demonstrate how Fearless Girl downgrades the "Charging Bull" that has represented American resilience since 1987 outside the New York Stock Exchange.

In one of her few interviews on the subject, Fearless Girl sculptor Kristen Visbal has disagreed with Di Modica's interpretation, noting that the girl is at a "respectful distance" from the bull. My argument was that the sculptor of Fearless Girl should not be able to high-jack someone else's art.

Reaction to the placement of the dog was swift online, with many on Twitter calling the display sexist and an example of male fragility. "Mr. Di Modica gifted his work to the American public, and we too have gifted "Fearless Girl" to the city of NY". "Fearless Girl" was installed with city permission and yet Gardega has the nerve to say that it is the statue that "interferes".