Friday, 22 February, 2019

Trump Channels Game Show Host To Achieve Middle East Peace

Melinda Barton | 25 May, 2017, 06:12

"There is no reason there's not peace between Israel and the Palestinians - none whatsoever", he said. President Abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith.

Trump is scheduled to pay a brief visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, where he will lay a wreath, before heading to the nearby Israel Museum to give a major speech.

The British leader said police believe they know the identity of the attacker, but will not reveal the name at this point.

With an aim to resolve the Middle-east conflict, U.S. President Donald Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to advance the peace process.

US President Donald Trump began his visit Tuesday to Israel by warning of the threat that Iran could pose if it were to develop nuclear weapons. Trump called those behind the attack "evil losers".

The White House said Mr Trump was looking forward to meeting Mrs May at this week's summits of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Brussels and the G7 in Sicily, when he will discuss "America's unbreakable commitment to the United Kingdom and the ways both countries can work with allies and partners around the world to defeat terrorism". "That's not going to happen", Rubio said.

Trump said that Netanyahu is "working very hard" toward a peaceful region and offered the U.S.' assistance, adding that "there's a lot of love out there".

Abbas announced he is ready to be Trump's partner in securing peace in the Middle East through establishment of a Palestinian state on land captured by Israel in 1967.

Among those waiting to welcome Trump was Oren Hazan, a politician of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, who has a colourful reputation for inappropriate antics.

Abbas, for his part, reiterated his commitment to the principle of the two-state solution and to live together with Israel in security and peace.

In a meeting at the White House three weeks ago, Trump called on Abbas to demand that Palestinian leaders condemn any and all violence against Israelis, and Abbas spoke out strongly against Israel's occupation of the West Bank.

During a press conference following the meeting with the United States president, the Palestinian leader urged Israel to comply with the "just and humane demands" of more than 1,000 Palestinian hunger strikers who have spent 37 days without eating in Israeli prisons.