Tuesday, 25 September, 2018

The real "Uber for freight"

Uber Jumps into Trucking Launches Uber Freight Michelle Rafter Uber Jumps into Trucking Launches Uber Freight Michelle Rafter
Nellie Chapman | 19 May, 2017, 06:28

Uber claims this allows truck drivers to skip brokers and sort through jobs quicker.

What's more, he said that rather than the common practice of a trucker waiting 30 days or more to get paid, Uber Freight is "committed to paying within a few days, fee-free, for every single load", and "w$3 hen things don't go as planned or drivers have to wait longer than expected, we pay for that, too", with accessorial rates published on the Uber Freight blog and website.

According to the company, vetted users download the app, search for a load, and tap to book it. Uber Freight then sends a rate confirmation. "Regardless of when the shipper pays us, we'll pay out for any load that is taken out on our app within a couple days, no questions asked". Of transportation workers and movers, general freight trucking and specialized freight trucking are among the industries with the highest employment levels, the BLS said.

The service offered by Uber Freight is very similar to those of the popular shipping website Uship.com, though it appears Uber will be more selective about who will be hauling goods.

The ridesharing company hopes Uber Freight will be a lucrative venture beyond its original app.

Owner-operators and fleets with dry van and reefer trailers interested in matching with loads through Uber Freight can sign up via this link.

"Interest has been overwhelming", Berdinis says.

An Uber spokeswoman told CNBC that only professional drivers can use the Freight app.

Now that Uber has thoroughly disrupted the taxi industry, changing transportation as we know it, the ride-hailing startup has its eyes on a something much bigger - massive, 18-wheeler semi trucks.

Uber Freight will not work with Conditional or Unsatisfactory-rated carriers. The said service was quietly debuted for testing in Texas earlier previous year and that's when we first heard about the company's plan to enter this market.

"One of the key components of Uber's model is the commodity-like nature of the ride-hailing service", Armstrong said. Industry experts estimate trucking is a $255.5 billion per year field. Placing an Uber-like app atop a complex industry doesn't truly address the problem.