Sunday, 21 January, 2018

Pharmasave to host screenings, patient education about high blood pressure

More than 50% doctors suffer from hypertension owing to high stress levels Pharmasave to host screenings, patient education about high blood pressure
Melissa Porter | 18 May, 2017, 09:26

"The unfortunate effect of this statistic is that many strokes and heart attacks in the South African population could be prevented if the undiagnosed and uncontrolled hypertensive South Africans were identified and provided with the necessary blood pressure lowering medication".

In India, people in urban areas are greater victims of hypertension (33-40 percent), as compared to villages (12-17 percent).

Today, May 17, is World Hypertension Day, and the foundation - under the hashtag #MeasureYourPressure - said it was encouraging all South Africans to measure their blood pressure and know their risk for heart disease and stroke because it could happen to anyone. Sadly, a large portion of the population is not even aware that they have high blood pressure, because no obvious symptoms are displayed.

According to experts, hypertension is often misdiagnosed given the difference in blood pressure readings at home and in a clinic.

Hypertension is also known as the "silent killer" as a person can have high blood pressure without any visible symptoms though complications may arise as a result of narrowing of blood vessels.It is important to get your blood pressure screened regularly to reduce the risk of developing the various ailments as hypertension shows no symptoms.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, cutting down on full-fat milk, cream and cheese, as well as fatty meat and takeaways may also help control hypertension.

Adults are being encouraged to get their blood pressure checked as part of May Measurement Month - a global initiative that aims to test 25 million people for potential high blood pressure. Making certain lifestyle changes can keep a check on your hypertension.

You will receive reminders on when to check your blood pressure, receive free information on how to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring is therefore a more consistent and accurate method of measuring blood pressure levels. Children as young as 13 and 15 are have also been diagnosed with blood pressure because they are overweight.

"This means the systolic reading of the pressure as the heart pumps blood around the body is over 140 mmHg and the diastolic reading as the heart relaxes and refills with blood is over 90 mmHg". "Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, quit smoking and limit alcohol", Anil Kansal, Neurosurgeon, BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, suggested. If untreated, hypertension can lead to severe health consequences such as heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure, to name a few. This will also ensure you are well-informed about your own health.

Hypertension in the majority of patients is a lifestyle disease and requires aggressive lifestyle changes to manage the disease.