Sunday, 17 February, 2019

Melissa McCarthy Rides Podium Through the Streets of NYC as Sean Spicer

Melissa Mc Carthy mocks Sean Spicer with motorized podium Melissa McCarthy Rides Podium Through the Streets of NYC as Sean Spicer
Stacy Diaz | 16 May, 2017, 04:25

As New Yorkers on their way to work stopped and filmed, McCarthy's Spicer showed signs of road rage while casually zooming through traffic on a podium that moved more like a Segway.

Just when you thought this week couldn't get any freaky, New Yorkers spotted press secretary Sean Spicer speeding through the streets of Midtown on his podium Friday.

Spicer has been a frequent target of McCarthy, who has mocked him in the past in skits where she fires a water gun at the press corps and uses a lectern to ram a journalist.

Last month she played Spicey dressed up as the White House Easter bunny. It will be the comedian's fifth time since 2011 hosting the iconic sketch comedy show, bringing her into the coveted "Five Timers Club", an inside joke that is repeatedly referenced by hosts. McCarthy is scheduled to host this week's NBC episode of SNL.

Witnesses spotted the actress riding the motorized podium, surrounded by moving cars, yelling at people to get out of the way as she motored past.

Potentially being replaced by Mike Huckabee's daughter, the firing of the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, having to hide in among bushes in an attempt to dodge reporters-it's enough to make the Spicer of just a few weeks ago seem relatively carefree.

And even if McCarthy bombs, she'll have had, at the very least, what seems to be most of Manhattan rooting for her. In preparing for the next "Saturday Night Live", their heads are hurting from oversaturation of White House material. The question is whether the show can make its skits as outrageous as this week's headlines.