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NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers final grade

Kristopher Love | 01 May, 2017, 11:45

In his first full season as a defensive starter, Watt had 11.5 sacks and earned second-team All-America honors. He came back for his senior season in 2016 but suffered a foot injury against OH and missed the next six games. In fact, I interviewed him on the radio just hours before the draft began.

But T.J. Watt is ready to make his own mark. Outstanding hand play in his game.

Sutton is the second defensive player in three picks by the Steelers. Harrison, 38, can be expected to have diminishing returns as he continues to age and by drafting Watt the Steelers are signaling they are planning for the future. Here is how each scenario could play out for the Steelers. The team also selected Brian Allen from Utah, and while he has a big upside because of his size (6-3) and speed (4.48 40-yard dash), the converted receiver spent only one year at the position in college.

The unbelievable story of Pitt running back James Conner added another chapter tonight.

It was about early fall when Badgers head coach Paul Chryst texted Colbert to get an idea of Watt's potential draft value, something Colbert said isn't all that unusual when there are relationships.

The 22-year-old Watt is the first Wisconsin defender selected in the first round since J.J. went 11th overall to Houston in 2011. The Steelers, as much as any team in the National Football League, like getting young players they believe they can develop, ones who might not have to unlearn bad habits picked up by extended stays in college.

The Pittsburgh Steelers' biggest deficiency and should need to address this year are at edge-rusher, cornerback, tight end, wide receiver, safety and running back. Or, who knows, maybe in this scenario, sixth round pick Colin Holba becomes a "star" longsnapper ... which still doesn't justify using a sixth-round pick on a man who only snaps long.

What makes Watt an even more intriguing pick for Green Bay is that the Packers have a pass-rushing role model with pedigree already on the roster in Clay Matthews. Conner is a very good football player who shared their facility. "The way he attacks the ball-carrier, I think he can help Coach (Danny) Smith's (special teams) room and the special teams", Lake said.

Produced at high-end level with just one season of full-time football. There's no way to know how good a team's draft is for at least a few months, and usually not for a few years. It was the Pittsburgh Steelers offering him a job.