Monday, 18 December, 2017

Trump's visa changes could favor more skilled, higher wage workers

Trump's visa changes could favor more skilled, higher wage workers Trump's visa changes could favor more skilled, higher wage workers
Nellie Chapman | 21 April, 2017, 19:42

"'Buy American" refers to a set of procurement laws about how goods and manufactured products are obtained and how they're used in federal projects or federally funded projects", according to multiple senior officials.

Bloomberg noted the order would ban foreign government-subsidised goods but this could violate numerous free-trade agreements. Why shouldn't we try and hire American workers as much as possible, and yes, buy American products as much as we can?

During his campaign, Trump said at some points he supported high-skilled visas, then came out against them. "So they've said before and they said again after [Tuesday's] executive order that they're doubling-down on training and they're trying to find American talent, but not having enough luck".

The first part entails fully monitoring, upholding and enforcing "buy American" laws.

Trump's repeated pledge to boost infrastructure spending sent markets and commodity prices soaring in the weeks that followed his election. A famous case would be Walt Disney, who replaced a large number of USA technology workers with foreign workers who were willing to accept lower wages.

Under the current system, a company who is sponsoring a potential employee or current employee's H-1B petition may fill out a form to expedite the processing of that petition.

"Right now, H-1B visas are awarded at a totally random lottery". For example, a 2013 report found that the US would likely create 120,000 jobs requiring a Bachelor's Degree in computer science each year, but only 51,000 computer science degrees were being produced annually.

It's unclear how the program may change, but India's huge tech industry says America still has a shortage of skilled workers that the H-1B system was created to ease.

Yes, H-1B visas are complicated, but they are still harmful ("Trump's not awful immigration order", April 19).

The President said H1B visas should be given to the most-skilled and highest-paid applicants, and they should never be used to replace Americans. "Like all the other executive orders, it's just words - he's calling for new studies". While Ivanka Trump no longer runs the company, she remains the owner and profits from it. Studies show that for every H-1B position requested, United States technology companies increase their employment by five workers. In order to meet the new requirements, this steel must be melted and poured in the U.S., ensuring that the entire steel supply chain benefits USA workers and industries.

The White House signaled that it, too, wanted to move in that direction, although there is still considerable uncertainty around what the changes to the visa program will look like.