Monday, 19 February, 2018

Search Ongoing For Armed Man Who Sent Trump A Manifesto

Joseph A. Jakubowski 32 allegedly robbed a gun shop in Janesville Wisconsin Joseph A. Jakubowski 32 allegedly robbed a gun shop in Janesville Wisconsin
Melinda Barton | 21 April, 2017, 16:49

At 5:20 a.m. Monday, a caller contacted the Juneau County Communications Center and said Joseph A. Jakubowski may have been spotted in a New Lisbon business early Monday morning, according to the Juneau County Sheriff's Department.

The estranged stepfather of a Wisconsin man suspected of stealing guns and threatening attacks in an anti-government manifesto for the White House is desperate for the fugitive to surrender.

"Joseph Jakubowski has been highly agitated by national politics recently", Sheriff Robert Spoden told journalists Friday, adding that an associate said Jakubowski "recently verbalised a plan to steal guns and use them in an unspecified attack".

The Rock County Sheriff's Office said Jakubowski also expressed anti-religious views in the document, and increased patrols near churches in the area Sunday.

Police reportedly believe Joseph Jakubowski, 32, stole 16 handguns and high-calber rifles on Tuesday before going missing.

Authorities in southern Wisconsin have been following up on more than 300 tips and leads in the search for Jakubowski.

About 30 minutes after the burglary, police found Jakubowski's auto ablaze on a nearby street along with evidence of arson, according to Cmdr.

About 150 local, state and federal law enforcement officers and support personnel are involved in the hunt for Jakubowski, the sheriff's office said. Police said Sunday they've identified the suspect who came to the church on Thursday, and that person is NOT Jakubowski. Wisconsin authorities are focusing their search on churches across the state and say he is armed and risky.

As part of their search, law enforcement officials have also beefed up security around local churches.

"There was one specific case where he attempted to disarm a police officer", Moore told reporters.

Per the sheriff's office, the manifesto "includes grievances against government and personal angst toward anyone or anything other than natural law or rule". Officials also released a video showing Jakubowski purchasing stamps and mailing a large envelope, which is believed to hold the manifesto, a report said.

The FBI has offered a cash reward for anyone who has further information leading up to Jakubowski's capture. A vehicle registered to Jakubowski was found less than a half-hour later burned, and Jakubowski is a suspect in both crimes, officials said.