Friday, 20 July, 2018

QU Poll shows support for legalization of marijuana at 'highest levels'

A new high Poll finds record support for pot legalization Justin Sullivan Getty Images
Melinda Barton | 21 April, 2017, 20:03

Sixty-one percent of Americans think pot should be legal.

The country is not on his side, according to a new CBS News poll released Thursday: 61 percent of Americans now think marijuana should be legalized, which is a five-percentage point increase from this time a year ago, and the highest ever recorded in the poll. This total was "the highest level of support for legalized marijuana" ever for a QU poll. Policing and identifying legal marijuana from illegally sourced marijuana is also a serious concern as criminal organizations could potentially undercut legally sourced marijuana with higher THC content black market cannabis. Out of the parents who have smoked marijuana, 54 percent say they have talked with their children about their own consumption habits; 73 percent say they have not used it in front of their parents.much less shared it with them. Of those surveyed, 49% said they think legalizing weed won't have any effect on violent crime, while 22% said they think legalizing marijuana will actually reduce violent crime.

Mike Ness, a 27-year-old who has been smoking marijuana more than half his life, said Thursday that arresting people for small amounts of marijuana does not make sense if the drug will soon be legalized. Among Republicans, 63% oppose the federal government trying to stop states from allowing marijuana use, while 76% of Democrats and 72% of independents do.

Sessions talked more recently about his views at the National Association of Attorneys General winter meeting in February, when he said that he's "dubious" about marijuana.

Pharmaceutical distributors offer a more appropriate vehicle for the recreational marijuana market, CEO David Johnston said in an interview Wednesday, noting they already have the infrastructure in place to handle potential recalls, be it in downtown Toronto or remote northern Ontario.

There are partisan differences. In 2014, the Justice Department issued guidelines for banks on how to legally provide financial services to state-licensed marijuana businesses.

"People are still going to do what they are going to do", Ness said. And this year, a new report shows a record-number of Americans want to honor the marijuana's annual day by legalizing it throughout the United States. They say they will hold several more hearings to get public input in Springfield and Chicago. Independents are a little more likely to have tried it than either Democrats or Republicans.

This poll was conducted by telephone April 11-15, 2017 among a random sample of 1,011 adults nationwide. Two more states permit marijuana usage in a medical context. The error for subgroups may be higher and is available by request.