Tuesday, 23 January, 2018

No inoffensive way to say the "n-word", Fla. senator learns

No inoffensive way to say the No inoffensive way to say the "n-word", Fla. senator learns
Melinda Barton | 21 April, 2017, 03:18

The discussion began Monday night after Artiles approached Gibson at the Governors Club to suggest that a series of questions he'd asked of one of her bills earlier in the day were payback for questions she'd asked before of one of Artiles' bills.

Thurston says the apology isn't good enough. Though he originally said little on the matter, Negron released a statement late Tuesday that said, "I was appalled to hear that one Senator would speak to another in such an offensive and reprehensible manner".

Artiles apologized Wednesday morning on the Senate floor.

Negron, R-Stuart, told reporters Wednesday "there's never any excuse" for the "gender-specific insults" Artiles directed toward Gibson, but would not say whether he should resign.

Venting his fury over the leadership of Senate President Joe Negron, Artiles said his rise was down to "the six ni**ers" who had elected them.

Less than three hours later, the 28-member Florida Legislative Black Caucus voted unanimously to file a complaint against Artiles seeking his removal from the Senate.

"I am so sorry for the words and tone I used with you", Artiles said.

The Executive Committees of the Democratic party in Orange and Seminole counties are joining into the chorus of those condemning the remarks of Miami Republican State Senator Frank Artiles. Frank Artiles used the "n-word" and other obscenities in a conversation with two African-American senators at a private club near the Capitol.

"I grew up in a diverse community", Artiles said. They're calling for him to be removed from office.

"I'm embarrassed that I have somebody in Tallahassee with these types of words and views", protester Deltravis Williams said.

Another individual who was present at the table asked about Artiles also calling Gibson a "girl", to which Artiles said he didn't mean it disrespectfully.

A member of Donald Trump's Republican party used the n-word in conversation with a pair of black colleagues, it has emerged.

"If every time a senator made a mistake, or someone made a mistake, that they had to resign ... we'd have half the Senate gone for whatever reason". Perry Thurston (D) said Artiles called Negron a "pussy". "My comments to you are the most regretful of all because they injured you personally". "Such comments can not be repaired by a formal apology, but I trust that it is an appropriate step to be taken by the president and the Florida Senate to handle this matter, and to ensure that this behavior is not tolerated and does not happen again".

Thurston challenged him on the outburst, saying: "Excuse me?" Rep. Kamia Brown, D-Orlando, said Artiles had a history of offensive actions that should no longer be overlooked. A report and recommendations will then be submitted to the Senate Rules Committee Tuesday.