Friday, 23 February, 2018

Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

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Sherri Watson | 21 April, 2017, 18:51

Google Home can then deliver their commute times, calendars, playlists and so on - not yours. The two are now embroiled in a battle for control of the smart home market, although Apple is rumored to be working on its own competitorAmazon Echo vs. Google Home vs. Apple's Competitor Amazon Echo vs. Google Home vs. Apple's Competitor In this article, you'll learn the differences between the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Today, Google fixed that.

Here's how to set it up.

Google has announced that its Home speaker hub, powered by the company's digital Assistant, now supports multiple users. Tap that to get started. If the app doesn't highlight the new feature, click the icon in the top right to see all connected devices.

Google Home is great at listening for the "Okay Google" activation phrase and responding to your voice commands. Then, look for a card that says "multi-user is available" when you open the app.

One of the best parts of Google Assistant on the phone is that it is highly personalized to you. You must say the phrases "Hey, Google" and "OK, Google" twice each.

Google Home's multi-user support is rolling out now to all U.S. users.

Google Home: Where is multiuser support available? To get the device to recognize your voice, you just say, "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" two times each. After a new account is added or selected, go through the same setup process.

You can see all the active accounts on a Google Home by going to Devices Settings Linked account (s). There you can remove your account, but you cannot remove other accounts. Also, Google Home users can now create up to six different accounts on their devices. Once that's done, it'll be able to distinguish you from your spouse or other family members and give you pertinent info, like your schedule or traffic on your usual route, Engadget said.

To set it up, you'll need the newest version of the official Google Home app.