Monday, 18 December, 2017

Dota 2 Update Requires Phone Number For Ranked Matchmaking

Dota 2 Update Requires Phone Number For Ranked Matchmaking Dota 2 Update Requires Phone Number For Ranked Matchmaking
Sherri Watson | 21 April, 2017, 18:55

You can find out more about the update here. You can now edge-pan when dragging items; a Monkey King visibility exploit has been fixed (probably the one regarding Night Stalker's ultimate); pregame purchases are now properly displayed in certain modes; Compendium predictions let you pick players from DC, Team Random, and Mouseports; and the Games Played prediction in the Compendium now has the correct values. Which is sad, because that was pretty much free points. Lastly, Valve has now removed Ranked Matchmaking in India, Dubai and South Africa as part of the regional changes. Let's go over them quickly. Perhaps the biggest change that this update brings is the required linking of phone numbers to the Steam accounts of players in order for them to play Ranked matchmaking. A two week grace period for players to link phone numbers with their Steam Accounts is now in effect.

You can, however, add a new number right away after removing an old one. Valve also noted that, "Online services that provide phone numbers are not allowed".

In addition to phone number linking, Valve is bringing back solo queue along with an option to only match against other players that are queuing alone.

As for parties, if your solo MMR is higher than your party MMR and you queue as a party, the matchmaking system will assign you a higher MMR to account for the difference. I've been informed by people who know better than I that it has nothing to do with Gargamel, but has everything to do with higher skilled players playing under lowly alternate accounts. Before the update, solo players would be placed in matches with teams just to hasten the matchmaking process, as pointed out by IGN.

A balanced party matchmaking is also announced. These bans apparently start out with a threshold of just a few hours, while repeat offenders might find themselves locked out of Ranked for four days. To combat what many would argue is widespread abuse of the DotA 2 Ranked Matchmaking experience.

The current matchmaking update is now trending on the DotA 2 Reddit page as a result and general reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The idea is to encourage everyone to use their primary accounts always and stick to what they do which will improve both ranked and unranked experience. This grace period is so that players have the time to link their mobile phone number with the game.

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