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Sonu Nigam shaves head in response to azaan controversy

Sonu Nigam shaves head in response to azaan controversy Sonu Nigam shaves head in response to azaan controversy
Sherri Watson | 20 April, 2017, 07:02

Tweeting a report titled "Rs 10 lakh to shave Sonu Nigam's head: West Bengal maulvi issues fatwa", Nigam said.

The cleric had announced INR 1 million reward for anyone who would shave Sonu's head off and put a garland of shoes around his neck supposedly to avenge his remarks over Azaan.

One Nadeem Rana, head of a local religious organisation, approached the Jinsi Police Station with a written complaint against Nigam, the official said.

Ever since he tweeted about his sleep being disrupted in the early mornings by the calls for azaan blaring over the loudpseakers from a nearby mosque, Sonu's been on overdrive explaining his stance.

He was thrown a question over the use of loudspeakers in his concerts to which he replied that he conducts concerts in permissible time limits.

"I'm amazed to see such a great, soulful singer, who is adored by everyone, giving such a statement", Abbasi noted. He also said that he did mention Temples and Gurudwaras too in the case of loudspeakers.

Analysts feel that Nigam naming Hindu religious groups may not go down well with right-wing groups such as Shiv Sena or the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. I am such a secular person. While he sticks to his opinion, Sonu clearly states that he is against any religion being enforced on another. "I think you should change your house and stay somewhere else instead of changing loud speakers (sic)".

Indian Singer Sonu Nigam is in the middle of a controversy, after he said in a tweet that Muslim prayer calls are nothing but cacophony. Read Also:In this age, everyone has an opinion on other people's deeds: Anuvab Pal He followed it up with three more tweets saying, "And by the way Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam".

Sonu also argued about people drinking and dancing in the name of religion and also clarified that this wasn't against any one religion. "Why then.? Honest? True?", he said.