Tuesday, 23 January, 2018

Man killed 3 on street, says he 'hates white people'

Man killed 3 on street, says he 'hates white people' Man killed 3 on street, says he 'hates white people'
Alfredo Watts | 20 April, 2017, 07:33

Evacuated office workers stand by, with a deceased shooting victim down on the sidewalk Tuesday, April 18, 2017 in Fresno, Calif.

During his arrest, Muhammad shouted "Allahu Akbar" - God is great - but Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer said the shootings had "nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made".

Muslim and other faith leaders held a vigil late Tuesday near the scene where three people were killed in a shooting rampage in downtown Fresno.

Stephen Hughes, 66, said he and his wife rushed home Tuesday after receiving a frantic call from a neighbor.

"Within seconds, Dyer said, the gunman had moved west on Mildreda Street, firing at but missing a resident, and then to Fulton Street, where he fired several rounds at another man, striking and killing him". Another was carrying a bag of groceries after stopping at a Catholic Charities center.

The roommate of one of the victims of a racially motivated rampage in Fresno says they were waiting for a bus home when the shooter opened fire.

Fresno County Sherriff posted this photo of the suspected attacker, Kori Ali Muhammad, after the shooting which left three people dead.

"That's what he set out to do that day".

Three men were having a seemingly ordinary day in downtown Fresno, California, before they were singled out at random and killed by a black gunman targeting white victims, police said. "He was trying to find a good job and get back on his feet, and he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time".

Randalls had just joined PG&E as a customer service representative six weeks ago, said the IBEW 1245 local chapter to which Randalls belonged. On one music video titled "U Gone Need Me: "Tru Story Kori" in which he discusses racism and the "liberation of his people", he says: "... on a mission for the liberation of my people. "There were no boundaries with race, religions, beliefs, with anything. He was a good-hearted person, very caring, very loving", a tearful Wagner told CNN on Wednesday. "He was a stand-up guy".

"He had his hard times", Lisa Gassett says.

Zackary Randalls, a 34-year-old father of two young children, was killed. Mark James Gassett, a 37-year-old from Fresno, died in a neighborhood, and 58-year-old David Martin Jackson of Fresno was shot outside a charity office and died at a hospital. On the first of every month, Greer said Jackson would treat him to a meal at Denny's restaurant where they both ordered the club sandwich. Greer was able to get away.

Muhammad has been arrested before and suffers from "auditory hallucinations and had at least two prior mental health hospitalizations", according to court records.

Here's how police say a fatal argument at a motel led to the deaths of three more men, allegedly victims of hate crimes.

Francine Williams described her 25-year-old son as a kind and giving person who had recently gotten engaged.

"First, he said he respected Fresno police officers (and) did not want to force them to shoot him", Dyer said. Friday morning, he watched police officers investigate the crime scene and by evening he was in a ravine, where he told police he conducted voodoo rituals for three days.

Maria Praise told CNN she ran inside and locked the doors when she heard the sound of gunfire. Muhammad has also written anti-government sentiments on social media as well as posts saying that he does not like white people, the police chief said Tuesday.

Muhammad told his family there was a war going on between blacks and whites in America.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons says Muhammad was incarcerated at a federal penitentiary from October 2006 to September 2011 after being convicted of possessing cocaine with intent to distribute.