Saturday, 24 March, 2018

Johnson to call for more pressure on Russian Federation over Syria

Melinda Barton | 20 April, 2017, 07:11

Lindsey Graham said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's decision to launch warplanes from Shayrat Airfield just hours after it was bombed by usa cruise missiles was a "huge mistake".

"There's a new sheriff in town", Graham said.

"I think that is the conversation that he [President Trump] will be having and has started to have, going forward", Haley said. "But I think he will have to look at the situation".

Assad's office said the government would re double its efforts against rebel groups after the USA strike - the first direct military action by Washington against the Damascus regime.

The move immediately prompted a backlash from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said it would damage US-Russian relations.

Tillerson was a prominent fixture during the most important foreign policy period in Trump's young presidency: a two-day summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping that coincided with the strikes against Syria.

The comments from Tillerson and Haley suggested that the airstrikes Trump ordered punishing Assad for using chemical weapons would not lead to any immediate change in USA strategy toward Syria.

"We're hopeful that we can prevent a continuation of the civil war and that we can bring the parties to the table to begin the process of political discussions".

"Getting Assad out is not the only priority", she continued. We must continue the campaign to achieve ISIS's lasting defeat. "We will react firmly to any aggression against Syria and to any infringement of red lines, whoever carries them out".

Russian Federation had agreed to "be the guarantor of the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles. the result of their failure has led to the killing of more children and innocents", Mr Tillerson added.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blames Russia's inaction for helping fuel a deadly poison attack against Syrian civilians last week.

Australia has hardened its position on the future of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

In a speech on Sunday, Rouhani also criticised USA -allied Gulf Arab states for endorsing the US missile strike. The U.S. military targeted the Shayrat airbase because it believed that the chemical attack in Idlib Province that led to the death of dozens of civilians was launched from the airfield.

They also see Russian Federation as a foreign occupier whose relentless aerial bombardment of rebel-held areas has led to thousands of civilian casualties.

But, he added, there is no "hard evidence that connects the Russians directly to the planning or execution of this particular chemical weapons attack".