Thursday, 19 July, 2018

Here's Amazon's full statement on its entry into Australia

Inc. Go grocery store in Seattle Washington Inc. Go grocery store in Seattle Washington. David Ryder
Melissa Porter | 20 April, 2017, 06:40

While there've been many hints that Amazon has been toying with the idea of bringing its retail services to Australia for some time, today we've finally got official word from the online giant about its intentions for the AU market.

Retail consultant Chris Wilkinson said Amazon's move into Australia had been well sign-posted, and he believed New Zealand would be within Amazon Australia's distribution sphere.

After years of speculation, Amazon has released a statement officially confirming the company will be launching retail services within Australia. It has three Amazon Marketplaces in the United States and five in Europe.

While Australians have been able to buy from Amazon since 2012, its offerings haven't been as fleshed out as what it is in its USA roots, but with the company now confirming it is actively searching for larger fulfillment and distribution center in Australia, it's the first step to launching its full range of services here, including Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Prime and eventually its grocery arms Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry.

And of course, the launch of Amazon Marketplace will mean third-party retailers in Australia will be offered a new, convenient home base online.

The Australian operation would be the company's fourth Amazon Marketplace in Asia after China, Japan and India and its 12th globally.

In a statement, Amazon said it is excited to bring thousands of new jobs to Australia and millions of dollars in additional investments.

The company is already selling eBooks and Amazon Prime streaming of movies and television series to its Aussie customers. Amazon says it is optimistic that it will earn the business of Australian shoppers overtime as it keeps its focus on ensuring low prices, vast selection and fast delivery.

One thing is for sure, the launch is hotly anticipated, with 56 percent of Australian adults telling Nielsen earlier this year that they will shop from Amazon when it lands.