Monday, 18 December, 2017

Facebook unveil ambitious plan to bring augmented reality into your daily life

Facebook unveil ambitious plan to bring augmented reality into your daily life Facebook unveil ambitious plan to bring augmented reality into your daily life
Sherri Watson | 20 April, 2017, 06:22

Frames Studio is an online creative editor, available globally, that allows people to design frames that can be used either as profile picture frames or in the new Facebook camera. This isn't the first time Facebook has copied Snap, but Camera Effects isn't an exact Snapchat clone, either: since the implementation of Facebook's camera effects is up to third-party developers, we could soon see a huge variety of options for filters that track your face and body using augmented reality. Now, this is act two: "giving developers the power to build all kinds of AR tools into the first augmented reality platform, the camera", he continued.

Now the tech giant, which has almost 1.9 billion monthly active users, is starting in earnest to build the camera into what the ceo described as "the first mainstream augmented reality platform".

Developers and artists can work on building augmented reality camera lenses with AR Studio, a new development environment that Facebook released in closed beta.

"Some of these effects will be fun, and some of them will be useful", said Zuckerberg.

Facebook executives stressed that the technology is still in its early stages, and that the "journey to the future of augmented reality is just one percent finished", as Deb Liu, vice president of platform and marketplaces, put it. People can add 3-D effects to their photos, leave a digital note for their spouse or create a work of art. He offered an example of a still photo that could be transformed into a 3D scene, where the user could pan around, change lighting and add effects such as filling the room with water, bouncing balls or skittles. Facebook Spaces launches in beta for Oculus Rift and Touch today, which can be download it now from the Oculus Store. "We have a lot more to do here", he said.

Pokemon Go, developed by Nintendo Co and Niantic Inc, generated millions of followers worldwide, with players using their phones to capture animated creatures that appear in real locations.

"It brings real-time data from an actual match that's happening and adds it to your video", Deb Liu, Facebook's Vice President of Platform and Marketplace, said during the keynote. Be aware that the company will insist that any frame created in the tool abide by Facebook's guidelines and also not use any trademarked images or content.

"It's going to take awhile for this to develop", Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg always assumed that would come in the form of glasses or a headset, but he said smartphones are the first great AR devices.