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Christians celebrate Easter across conflict-torn Mideast

Stacy Diaz | 20 April, 2017, 06:24

Like other parts of the globe, Christians celebrated Easter with religious fervour and zeal here on Sunday.

On Easter, Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rodriquez said after the hunt, the kids learned what Easter is all about.

Sally Svenson says, "That is our goal in life and to play music, we always give God the glory and the credit for the gifts and talents of music".

"Where at times we can lose track of our faith or have faced personal struggles throughout the year, Easter Sunday is a reminder of how greatly blessed we are to be in communion with God through Jesus Christ, his son", Klein said.

I really love Easter because of its significance - the victory of life over death, the hope the cross gives us as it reminds us of the dark days of Good Friday and of Saturday when Christ was in the tomb. The women returned to the tomb early on Sunday to finish preparing a dead body: Jesus' dead body.

"For some people, Easter is just a holiday that celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring", Bell said.

"The death of Jesus to pay a debt he did not owe, for the salvation of you and I who would never have been able to pay, is the ultimate story of a second chance at redemption".

Easter morning services were planned at many locations across the area Sunday morning. "They need community, they need to be together, but I think they need deeply to know that the Lord loves them and that he's with them", said the Rev. Mike Grisolano, a priest at St. Damian Church in Oak Forest. "The Resurrection marks perennial hope for the mankind", said Vijayawada Diocese Bishop Rev Fr T Raja Rao. Jesus was blameless and lived a sinless life, a life that was flawless and a life that you and I could never live. Jesus had to do this or His promise to Martha would have been a lie: "I am the resurrection and the life".

"I come every week, but Easter is special because of the resurrection", he said.

While some people ate Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, a New Plymouth church brought back an Easter tradition over the weekend.

Wendorf says Easter is "the critical event upon which our Christian faith is built upon". I've done that many times in my life, especially when I was in college. "So we celebrate and mark the day with fellowship".