Friday, 23 February, 2018

Caitlyn Jenner wasn't 'comfortable' having sex with Kris

Stacy Diaz | 20 April, 2017, 07:21

Details of her journey can be found in Secrets of My Life, which releases on April 25.

Kris and Caitlyn were married for 24 years from 1991 to 2015 when the Olympian was still known as Bruce Jenner.

However as the two were trying to catch each other in the act of stealing each other's clothes, they had accidentally recorded their father trying on different outfits.

And the "I Am Cait" star claims she told Kris about her "gender issues" before they got intimate.

"Everything she says is all made up".

We'd heard Kris Jenner was furious over what was in Caitlyn Jenner's upcoming tell-all The Secrets Of My Life, but now she's confirmed it in a brand new promo for this week's KUWTK.

And it has also been revealed that Caitlyn wasn't "entirely comfortable" having sex with Kris during their marriage.

But according to Caitlyn, sex was never a priority in her life, not even when she was still Bruce.

Speaking about her thoughts on a potential romance, she wrote: "A future female companion? They want Caitlyn to be happy and share her experience, but they also wants her to be sensitive to Kris", a source dished to Us Weekly.

"Of the most important things in my life, sex is beyond the bottom; it has been that way for a long time."

"This is the last straw", the insider says of the Good American cofounder, 32, whose once tight relationship with Caitlyn was documented on earlier seasons of the family's hit E! reality show. A future female sexual companion?

"It hearkens back to this misperception that people transition due to their sexual desires", says the transgender advocate. "Not happening, at least for now, and perhaps not ever", she wrote in a section of the book completed prior to her gender confirmation surgery.

'The surgery was a success, and I feel not only wonderful but liberated, ' writes Jenner in her book according to Radar Online.