Saturday, 21 July, 2018

British Prime Minister May Calls for June 8 General Election

Melinda Barton | 20 April, 2017, 06:43

But May has said that the weekly debating forum in PMQs is how she can be held accountable and that she wants a campaign on the streets, going door to door. In London and other cities which voted to remain in the European Union, the Liberal Democrats' clear opposition to a hard Brexit could attract Labour voters who are disappointed by their party's weak stance on the EU.

"They are under threat from so many different angles-in Scotland from the SNP (Scottish National Party); from the Liberal Democrats in the cities; the Conservatives and possibly UKIP (UK Independence Party) in the north".

But the Conservatives plan to win to deliver their version of Brexit by again and again comparing what they claim is the "strong and stable" leadership provided by the sitting prime minister, and the alternative put forward by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour leader said "over time" people would understand the "credible sense" behind the party's message on issues such as tackling inequality in society.

The carer's allowance for people who spend more than 35 hours a week caring for someone is £62.70 a week.

Live TV debates took place for the first time in a United Kingdom general election in 2010, with three clashes between the leaders of the three biggest national parties, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Labour MP Jeff Smith said Manchester was hit harder than any other area outside London, and highlighted two high schools in his constituency he said were losing the equivalent of more than 30 teachers. Theresa May has triggered Article 50, now it's about who negotiates on behalf of the British people.

Corbyn's latest policy announcement - which launched in a speech in Birmingham yesterday and which would cost £538mn by the time of the next election - will be funded by reversing the inheritance tax cut announced by George Osborne in 2015.

"I am happy to debate with her anytime, anywhere, but it looks like she is running scared of scrutiny".

Mr Corbyn welcomed the prime minister's election announcement on Tuesday, calling it a "chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first".

Mrs May said the election would give the opportunity for "stability and certainty" during the period of the Brexit process. "One of the things I'm interested in that has yet to be resolved is how power works locally, and whether we can get proper devolution deals for rural areas", he said.

"She can not be allowed to run away from her duty to democracy and refuse to let the British people hear the arguments directly".

Having only recently won her by-election, Copeland's Mrs Harrison believes her party appeals to local voters.