Monday, 19 February, 2018

Suspect In Washington Mall Shooting Found Dead

Arcan Cetin appears in a Skagit County courtroom Sept. 26 2016 Arcan Cetin appears in a Skagit County courtroom Sept. 26 2016
Alfredo Watts | 19 April, 2017, 01:05

A man believed to have fatally shot five people a year ago at a shopping mall in Washington state has died in jail.

It was not immediately clear how Cetin died.

Authorities have not yet determined the cause of death. Watch with us on TV or use this link for the KIRO 7 newscast livestream.

Officials said it appears Cetin committed suicide, but a death investigation is being conducted.

Shooter identified as Arcan Cetin, 20.

Cetin was facing five aggravated murder charges for the mall shootings, but was undergoing a competency evaluation before he entered a plea.

The suspect was unarmed and silent, "kind of zombie-like", Hawley said. The transfer also was made because Cetin had made legally compromising comments about his criminal case to fellow inmates, Bronlea Mishler, the county's communications coordinator told the Seattle Times. People are shocked and still processing the news, she said.

Cetin attempted suicide by swallowing medication in November 2015, at which time mental-health evaluators ranked him as at serious risk for self-harm, court records show.

According to police reports, Cetin had told his ex that his father was connected to "bad people in Turkey".

He was inside the mall for about a minute during the shooting spree, investigators said. Surveillance video shows Cetin shooting a teenage girl near some clothing racks and then shooting an adult man.

The family of victim Chuck Eagan on Monday released a statement saying, in part, "While this event puts to rest our fear of his release, we harbor no ill will towards Mr. Cetin or his family and pray for their comfort as we know all too well the pain of grief".

Police said Cetin placed the rifle on top of the cosmetics counter, exited the Macy's store through the west entrance and got into his vehicle.

Weyrich plans to drop the charges, according to the Valley Herald.

A timeline of events in the Cascade Mall shooting. The vehicle was last seen on video near South Burlington Boulevard near West Fairhaven Avenue. The man places the gun on the counter and exits the store.

Cetin was a Turkish-born, legal USA resident.