Sunday, 21 January, 2018

Snapchat Unveils Live Filters Called World Lenses

Sherri Watson | 19 April, 2017, 00:21

In an effort to make its platform more enticing and rewarding to advertisers, Snapchat (NYSE:SNAP) has launched two new tools that enable advertisers to retarget users who have previously engaged with their ads, and to target app-install ads to users based on machine-learning. Instagram Stories recently surpassed Snapchat in daily active users.

With Facebook closing in, Snap is taking steps to stay ahead and it's adding a new augmented reality feature to Snapchat: World Lenses.

First, Snapchat brought us Selfie Lenses, including the adorable dog-face filter and the reliably-creepy face swap.

World Lenses work just like traditional face filters, but they use the back camera and they're not locked to a particular point in the scene. Snapchat has supported augmented reality live filters that alter a person's face since previous year, but the new lenses mark the first time that Snapchat's made efforts to take advantage of the rear camera for augmented reality purposes. Whether it's an audio or a video the live filters can be added.

One of the World Lenses lets users place and size a smiley rainbow, while another more interactive lens involves throwing seeds that sprout digital plants wherever they land. But if AR effects are your thing, you may wanna reconsider reinstalling Snap Inc.'s offering.

For instance, you can drop a virtual rainbow anywhere, resize it to make it as big or as little as you want, and even walk around it or under it on video.

To move an object around you press and hold it to pick it up and then swipe around the screen to determine its new location. So this needs to be kept in view when a photo is being taken.