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Sebastian Vettel wins his second Grand Prix of 2017 in Bahrain

Nellie Chapman | 19 April, 2017, 07:15

On his way to winning Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel found his mind wandering already to next week's first in-season Formula One test and how much he was looking forward to it.

Ferrari have won two out of three races so far this season to lead the constructors' championship and it is Sebastian Vettel, not Lewis Hamilton, who tops the drivers' standings.

"It is, of course, hugely satisfying to be back on the top step of the podium", Sergio Marchionne said.

He added: "It was our mindset and racing philosophy until now that we have given them both equal opportunity".

Ferrari's Vettel sped to his second win in three races this season and a frustrated Hamilton wants to reel in the changes. A demoralizing drought for such a fiercely proud team, certainly, but this year promises to be different.

Wolff said the situation at Ferrari had to be taken into consideration.

"The auto is very good in the race but not quick enough to match them in qualifying".

Hamilton managed to recover from that setback as he got past Ricciardo and Bottas, but could not catch up to the race leader in time.

"The vehicle was a dream today ... the last half of the in-lap with the fireworks & the track lit up, I just thought I love what I do", he added.

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen was fourth.

"I went out in inters initially, on the laps to the grid, and then I tried the slicks and it was impossible, and then we all started on inters and it was very, very hard, because there was a lot of dry patches everywhere, mostly dry except for a couple of corners that were wet".

"It was definitely costly - the pit lane incident", said Hamilton. Hamilton, who won in China last weekend, crossed the finish line 6.6 seconds behind.

But moments later, the Dutchman's brakes failed and he drifted across the track and into the wall, his race over. The 19-year-old Verstappen climbed out and kicked the barriers in frustration.

Lap 13 of the Grand Prix saw a collision between the Toro Rosso of Carlos Sainz and the Williams of rookie, Lance Stroll, leaving the Williams stranded in a most precarious position on the track, subsequently leading to deployment of the safety auto.

One explanation was high tire pressures at the start of the race, with a generator failure causing Bottas to start with the wrong pressures, but the Finn says that problem only hurt him until his first pit stop.

Mercedes were forced to stack their cars as they pitted and Lewis Hamilton blocked Ricciardo into the pit entry, earning himself a five-second penalty that would cruel his chances of taking victory despite his superior race pace.

After battling for a points finish, the Spaniard endured the agony of having to retire two laps from the end with engine trouble. Vettel then set off after Bottas, while Hamilton followed, chased in turn by Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bulls.

"There were several factors that prevented us from doing more", he said.