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Nikki Bella Says Goodbye To WWE Universe…For Now

Nikki Bella Says Goodbye To WWE Universe…For Now Nikki Bella Says Goodbye To WWE Universe…For Now
Stacy Diaz | 19 April, 2017, 01:18

Bella and her twin sister, Brie Bella, came to fame by competing as the Bella Twins in the WWE.

WWE Superstars Nikki Bella and Lana stopped by "The Trend" to chat with 1010 WINS' Rebecca Granet about the return of "Total Divas".

NIKKI: "I mean, I'm not going to lie".

Many enthusiasts have said that his retirement should have happened a long time ago as it was already obvious. "I thought it would be easy, but after the first class I wanted to give up.and I used to squat 220 [pounds]!" From the look, to the personality, I'm like, wow. "And hopefully when that heals, if it does, I can get back in the ring", Nikki said.

'So I was like, 'Maybe this is for me - or this might be a swerve to his mom'. When asked why she loves her shape (just the way it is), Nikki had this to say: "It's how God made me".

In terms of mainstream publicity, John Cena proposing to Nikki Bella was a much bigger deal than if the former 16-time World Heavyweight Champion would've wrestled The Undertaker.

Nikki calls Brie from the Performance Center and tells her that Nattie has brought her self confidence down.

NIKKI: "They wouldn't allow it for so many years".

Nikki was making an appearance at SiriusXM Studios to discuss her reality series Total Divas.

LOQUASTO: "What was the reasoning, do you think?" However, finally, John Cena made his move on the grandest stage of them all. So the fan base didn't take him in like how that was. "There's just certain people that it's just, not that it takes away the "Superman" feel of them, but a little bit". "One side represents John and the other represents me and kind of the years we've been together, so the four years and when we became one - he designed that, isn't that sweet?"