Tuesday, 19 September, 2017

Mountain lion snatches dog from sleeping owner's bedroom

A BOLO Alert has been issued for Jeffery Helm A BOLO Alert has been issued for Jeffery Helm
Stacy Diaz | 19 April, 2017, 01:44

Deputies said a woman, child and a 15-pound Portugese Podengo were sleeping in a bedroom at a home on the 800 block of Native Sons Road early Monday morning when the incident occurred.

Instead, around 3 a.m., she woke to the sound of the dog "barking aggressively", and when she turned toward the sounds she saw the "shadow of an animal enter the room, take the small dog from the bed" and walk out.

The witness used a flashlight to look for her dog and saw large wet paw prints at the entrance to the bedroom.

A California game warden tried finding paw prints to help track the mountain lion down.

Fought's daughter said she heard Lenora let out a bark she had never heard before from the dog.

Neighbors are being warned to be especially wary of mountain lions in this area, as this one showed the will go just about anywhere to find its prey.

Fought says the bed in which she was sleeping was only a foot away from the door, close enough that she could see that "As it walked down our path, I thought, 'That looks a lot like a lion'".

"Obviously the family is very shaken", Zuno said.

Zuno said he could not recall the last time a mountain lion attacked a person or a pet in San Mateo County, where residents can encounter a wide range of wild animals, including mountain lions, coyotes, cougars and poisonous snakes. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified for further investigation.

Mountain lion sightings are not uncommon in San Mateo County where rural areas blend into neighborhoods. From mountains to forests, from deserts to wetlands, mountain lions can call it home. The family said it worries that the mountain lion could return. The mountain lion gained entry to the house via the back door which was cracked open.

"As soon as I saw it walk out, I said, 'That's a lion, '" she said.

They usually keep their distance from homes, but a couple years ago, Fought says one attacked their horse.