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Humble mother allegedly sends disturbing videos abusing her child

Humble mother allegedly sends disturbing videos abusing her child Humble mother allegedly sends disturbing videos abusing her child
Alfredo Watts | 19 April, 2017, 05:47

Janelle Peterkin faces a single charge of endangering a child, a felony.

A Humble, Texas, mother is prohibited from seeing her 1-year-old son after apparently taking photographs of herself putting a plastic bag over the toddler's head and putting the bag in the child's mouth, along with other documented abuse.

Broadnax, who is the sister of the child's father, said that she posted the video after calling the Humble Police Department to report it, but was told that she had called the wrong department.

In various videos, the woman can be seen holding a flame to the baby's hand, tying a plastic bag over his head and stuffing a plastic bag into his mouth, KDAF reported. She is now free on $15,000 bond. She has no criminal record in Harris County, court records state.

She remains free on $15,000 bail while a protective order prohibits her from seeing her child or going near his current residence. She is due in court in May.

"[In] the video I sent to the police, she had a plastic bag".

Broadnax, who said she began receiving the messages on April 13, said Peterkin indicated she was angry about the father's new girlfriend.

"You should call the Richmond Police Department being that you're in Virginia and we're in Texas", Broadnax said police in Humble told her. She said in one of the videos, she saw the baby's eyes rolling back.

When Peterkin told the judge her mother was coming to pick her up from jail with the baby in tow, the judge gave her a stern warning, saying she'd have to find another ride, according to KPRC.

"She was so nonchalant with an "OK, I don't care" attitude and she was saying it is her son, and that we did not do anything for the baby", Broadnax said.

Broadnax said her brother, who has three children, had no idea his son was being abused.

Pictured video stills that Jamelle Peterkin had sent relatives.

Ra'Neicha Broadnax, 20, is expecting her first child, but her motherly instinct has already kicked in, which she used to save her 1-year-old nephew from harm.

"When I saw the video, I had to ask the police if he was still alive", Broadnax told Valley Central.