Sunday, 21 January, 2018

Instagram Adds Collections to Help Organize Bookmarked Posts

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Theresa Hayes | 18 April, 2017, 03:35

Since we introduced the ability to save posts last December, 46 percent of Instagrammers have saved at least one post.

Instagram users can now organize the photos they save with the app's new "collections" feature.

The addition capitalizes upon the Bookmarking feature, which itself was introduced fairly recently.

Instagram already allows you to bookmark a post if you want to view it later but it wasn't possible to sort those bookmarks into different categories. But I'm offering you ten tips and tricks I found that will specifically help turn you into a professional on the social network.

Instagram is now pushing updates to its Android and iPhone users. You can use this feature by tapping and holding the bookmark icon below a post to add it to a collection.

Want to use collections right now? Scroll through and tap the ones you wish to add to that specific collection.

Users can both create a new collection or save the post to an existing one. On your saved posts page, select Collections, followed by the "plus" icon in the top right corner. Starting this week, you'll be able to save these photos into your own private collection.

Instagram is usually about sharing.

You can make as many collections as you want, so the sky is the limit. But just what are Instagram collections? Instagram is evolving into a place to share short recipe videos, travel ideas, craft projects, and much more - eating directly into the Pinterest core.

When users take a photo or video and tap the smiley face, they will now see the new selfie sticker with their profile photo, that lets them capture a mini selfie.