Wednesday, 21 March, 2018

Apple iPhone 8 schematics reveal bezel-less front and rear TouchID

Sherri Watson | 18 April, 2017, 02:52

The new renders show off the smartphone, also dubbed the iPhone X, in detail.

Although the authenticity of the drawings and renders can not be confirmed, MacRumors noted that "KK has on several occasions shared accurate details about previous devices".

'This is yet to happen for iPhone 8'. Earlier in April, he shared a few crude sketches of the impending Apple flagship. Its iPhone model which is to come into the market soon will be something which will surprise everyone. The bold color scheme has also raised awareness about the upcoming release of the 10th anniversary iPhone device. However, KK has a fairly reliable track record for leaks.

However, iOS users have been conditioned to press the physical control option to activate their iPhone and switch between apps - leaving users to wonder how they will operate the iPhone 8.

The latest leak reaffirms older rumors and points to a almost bezel-less front display on the upcoming smartphone. The iPhone 8 will come with big design overhaul on the outside as well as inside.

The latest leak also shares that a narrow earpiece is located on the front of the handset, on the top.

Google is not one to be left behind by its competition in the mobile scene.

Apple had previously patented a way to mount components inside tiny holes such that they would be rendered invisible to the naked eye. Would a user need to explicitly load the Apple Pay application, stick his or her face in front of the front-facing camera, and then once the image is captured, move the phone near the reader?

To be blunt, I'm not convinced that this potential 3D sensing technology can really serve as a general-purpose replacement for Touch ID.

The closer we get to Apple's annual press event, the more realistic the leaks for the firm's next generation smartphone seem to become.

Apple usual course of business is to diversify suppliers for all key parts for the iPhone but for the first OLED iPhone some Korean suppliers are expected to provide the parts exclusively due to their technological sophistication.

However, Apple has experienced manufacturing issues in the past, so have many other phone makers, but 9to5Mac has shared supporting evidence that suggests this time might be the real deal.

Even if Apple were to solve that problem, there's still the huge issue of convenience, particularly vis-a-vis Apple Pay (a point that Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri briefly mentioned in his own note discussing Apple's Touch ID woes). Thus, for now the above-mentioned scenario remains just a theory.