Monday, 18 December, 2017

Anne Hathaway as the Most Gorgeous Alien in 'Colossal'

Anne Hathaway Jason Sudeikis Anne Hathaway as the Most Gorgeous Alien in 'Colossal'
Sherri Watson | 18 April, 2017, 02:45

Happy to see her back in his world, he provides her with some furniture and a job at his seemingly rundown - but actually kickass - bar. But yeah that just rattled me, especially growing up in Kansas, it was scary as hell. When I finally showed the finished result to my husband he, who has read that book at least a hundred times, had literally no idea what it was supposed to be.

Let's just say that there is a connection between the monster; a subsequent giant robot; and Gloria, Oscar, and a local sandbox. "I felt wrong that I was standing there in a gown that cost more than some people are going to see in their lifetime, and winning an award for portraying pain that still felt very much a part of our collective experience as human beings", she admitted. If you've got time to listen, I could teach a class on the flawless way she shut down a sexist Matt Lauer in 2012, and I haven't even gotten to Hathaway's delivery of the line "Oops" in The Dark Knight Rises, or the just-right Sunday-afternoon movie that is The Intern. "It comes up in every interview I do, just about".

"Yet, I find a lot of movies that make you think about them make you feel sad, "Get Out" being a notable exception", she adds. "So I sent that request out to my team, and within a couple of weeks I received this script with a note that said 'This might be too weird, not sure, but it might be good weird.' And it was good weird!"

HATHAWAY: You're gonna get so many more props for you saying that than me saying Pacific Rim. She posted a photo of her son on Instagram on March 9th and told Jezebel she wished she hadn't done it because she felt she violated her son by bringing in people who he doesn't even know him into his life.

"I might be inviting some criticism by mentioning this, but when have I ever not invited criticism?" I don't want to spoil where it goes, but he's not your generic romantic co-lead. And it was a great way to be silly and kind of do things off the cuff. So I thought that was really fun; I liked the creatures. And now, because of the time we live in, I think words and pictures are carrying a much greater weight. She's drop dead gorgeous and can make you cry your hearts out in serious roles like her Oscar snagger film "Les Miserables".

HATHAWAY: I fell asleep during it, because of all the reasons why you fall asleep when you listen to Dark Side of the Moon. From April 13, you will be able to purchase another limited edition poster, this one designed by We Buy Your Kids.