Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

United States city of Cambridge considers call for Trump impeachment probe

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Alfredo Watts | 06 April, 2017, 03:18

The city council of Cambridge, one of America's hotspots for liberals-slash-progressives, just voted on a resolution to start impeachment proceedings against President Cheeto Face, better known as Donald Trump.

The proposal was brought before the city council in connection with potential violations by Trump regarding the emoluments clause, which prohibits federal officials from receiving gifts from foreign officials without permission from Congress.

The Cambridge city council's resolution passed 7-1 on Monday evening, according to multiple reports.

Under the clauses, Trump may only profit from his salary and not foreign governments or USA governing bodies.

The city is across the Charles River from Boston, and is home to Harvard University.

Marc McGovern, vice mayor of Cambridge and also a member of the Council, cosponsored the order along with Councillor Leland Cheung and Councillor Jan Devereux.

Cambridge voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Hillary Clinton in last year's presidential election.

McGovern said he believes the Republican president is still deeply involved in his business operations.

As the Times pointed out, if Trump would be impeached, Vice President Mike Pence, who is seen as even more conservative than the president, would assume office.

Before his inauguration, Trump said he would maintain ownership of his empire but hand off control to his sons, a move that didn't satisfy those concerned about conflicts of interest.